July 9, 2007

Fun In Hell

Category: Opinion — jerry @ 5:03 pm


   There is a 20/20 special coming up Friday entitled “Hell: Our Fear & Fascination.”  Pop some popcorn.

   Most Christians are probably not aware that there is no mention of “Hell” in the Old Testament.  This delightful concept was brought to us by Jesus and friends, and adopted with relish by the Muslims.

   Children, be afraid.  Be very afraid:

   “Recent years have provided plenty of church scandals, but an unlikely one has occurred in the Bible belt. A prominent Tulsa, Okla., minister was scandalized not by sex or embezzlement, but by his belief in hell.

   “When Carlton Pearson began wondering if modern believers still need a medieval pit of fire, it cost him his congregation….”[Rest of article]

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  1. Hi – I just amazed by the absolute fantastic illustration to follow that inlay – Do anyone by any chance know the name of the ARTIST…?
    IF – please let me know at: janne_punk@hotmail.com
    Cheers ! – JP*

    Comment by Janne Punk — March 19, 2013 @ 12:40 pm

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