November 20, 2013

Stock Picks–Nov. 20, 2013

Category: Money & Investments — jerry @ 12:34 pm

A couple of unenthiastic picks this time. I’m selling off half of my Telecom Argentina S.A. (TEO), picked here a year ago, because it has doubled since then. I’ll hold the rest of it for another year most likely, but I like to lock in some of my gain after a doubling. I’ll be putting equal shares into Pike Corporation (PIKE), which does something in the “…energy solutions for investor-owned, municipal, and co-operative electric utilities in the United States…” area, and into Outerwall Inc. (OUTR), which owns and operates those Redbox kiosks (and those change-counting machines you see in grocery stores).

This last one I’m particularly nervous about, since they’re in competition with Netflix, which seems to be on its way to conquering the world. On the other hand, Blockbuster has given up the ghost recently, so maybe it’s Redbox’s time. We’ll see…

Good luck!