January 30, 2013

Stock Picks–Jan.30, 2013

Category: Money & Investments — jerry @ 11:59 am

I have three unenthusiastic picks this time around since nothing really jumped out at me. I’ll take smaller positions in all three. First up is Cedar Fair, L.P. (FUN), which owns a bunch of amusement and water parks. See why I’m not enthused?

My second pick is RF Industries, Ltd. (RFIL) which is in the electronics business (even though I think I have plenty of electronics stocks already–I may have to take a closer look at my diversification soon).

And lastly, I’m going to get some iGATE Corporation (IGTE), which provides outsourced information technology and IT-enabled operations services.

Good luck.

January 9, 2013

Stock Picks–Jan. 9, 2013

Category: Money & Investments — jerry @ 12:50 pm

You know what?

I’m taking a pass this time. No new pick. I did take a hard lock at Agrium Inc. (AGU), which makes agricultural products–fertilizer, chemicals, etc.–and that is what I’d be buying this week…if I was buying.

But this time around my screen just wasn’t finding much of interest and I think I’ll just hang on to what I’ve got until the next time.

Let me know how you do with Agrium, if you end up buying it.