July 28, 2012

Johnny and Ayn

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July 25, 2012

Stock Picks–July 25, 2012

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The market has been struggling, and I struggled to come up with two picks this time around.

Back in 2008, I bought some LSB Industries Inc. (LXU), which does something like make heat pumps, but as I recall I got rid of it soon thereafter, since the market was tanking at the time. I’m going to give it another shot. (And I note that it has done well, ever since I sold it. Sigh…)

My other pick is Titan International Inc. (TWI), which manufactures and sell wheels, tires, and assemblies for off-highway vehicles such as earth moving equipment.

Good luck!

July 24, 2012

Eat Less, Move More

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July 22, 2012

Meanwhile, One Year Ago Today

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From GQ Magazine:

Two hours after the bomb explodes in Oslo, Adrian Pracon hears two sharp bangs, like a hammer striking metal. The noises come from the lawn down the hill, between the main white building and the jetty where the ferry docks.

The island, named Utøya, pokes out of a glacial lake called Tyrifjorden twenty-five miles west of Oslo. It slopes up steeply from the jetty, and Adrian is at the top of the hill, near the cafeteria. He is 21, though it’s only his first year at the summer camp for young liberals. Already he is charmed, almost smitten, by the place. This, he thought after he arrived on a clear Norwegian day, really is a piece of heaven on earth.

There are three more bangs. Adrian sees six or seven people—he’s not counting—sprinting up the slope toward him. “Run,” they’re screaming. “He’s shooting! Run!”

Another three bangs. But Adrian does not run. He does not recognize the noises as gunfire, and the words being screamed are so implausible as to be fantasy. People simply do not shoot one another in Norway. Adrian is not so much afraid as curious…[Rest of article]


As horrific as this event, and the recent Auroro, Colorado event are…there is still hope. I read this book earlier in the year–and you might want to also:

July 20, 2012

Here We Go Again

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July 18, 2012

Mr. Wizard’s A Dick

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I remember watching this as a kid, but thinking nothing of the condescension since that’s how kids were typically treated anyway:

July 17, 2012

Set Your TiVos

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July 12, 2012

The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama

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From ESQUIRE Magazine:

Sure, we as a nation have always killed people. A lot of people. But no president has ever waged war by killing enemies one by one, targeting them individually for execution, wherever they are. The Obama administration has taken pains to tell us, over and over again, that they are careful, scrupulous of our laws, and determined to avoid the loss of collateral, innocent lives. They’re careful because when it comes to waging war on individuals, the distinction between war and murder becomes a fine one. Especially when, on occasion, the individuals we target are Americans and when, in one instance, the collateral damage was an American boy.

You are a good man. You are an honorable man. You are both president of the United States and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. You are both the most powerful man in the world and an unimpeachably upstanding citizen. You place a large premium on being beyond reproach. You have become your own deliberative body, standing not so much by your decisions as by the process by which you make them. You are not only rational; you are a rationalist. You think everything through, as though it is within your power to find the point where what is moral meets what is necessary.

You love two things, your family and the law, and you have surrounded yourself with those who are similarly inclined. To make sure that you obey the law, you have hired lawyers prominent for accusing your predecessor of flouting it; to make sure that you don’t fall prey to the inevitable corruption of secrecy, you have hired lawyers on record for being committed to transparency. Unlike George W. Bush, you have never held yourself above the law by virtue of being commander in chief; indeed, you have spent part of your political capital trying to prove civilian justice adequate to our security needs. You prize both discipline and deliberation; you insist that those around you possess a personal integrity that matches their political ideals and your own; and it is out of these unlikely ingredients that you have created the Lethal Presidency….[Rest of article]

July 6, 2012


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Cocaine Unwrapped – The Machine from Platige Image on Vimeo.

July 5, 2012

Stock Picks–July 5, 2012

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I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July.

I have three stocks I’m buying today. I’m not particularly enthusiastic about any of them and the first two are pretty thinly traded, so beware. First up is WSI Industries Inc. (WSCI), which is in the manufacturing sector, as is Coleman Cable, Inc. (CCIX), my second pick. Well, I’ll be darned–so is Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO), my last pick. Sorry that I’m not that diversified this time around–but this is what my screen came up with. I wonder if that means our manufacturing sector is getting ready for a big turnaround? I certainly hope so.

Good luck!