October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween From Mr. Rogers

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The Fearless Vampire Killers

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In its entirety, here is Roman Polanski’s FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS featuring the lovely (and taken from us too soon, Mr. Manson) Sharon Tate:

Happy Halloween! (This looks pretty darned good fullscreen!)

October 29, 2011

Propaganda Of The Day

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Because I’m feeling feisty. (Full disclosure: I’m a war profiteer myself, as you’ll see from last Wednesday’s stock picks post. Nevertheless, I’d love to see the military budget decimated. Punish my hypocrisy! Make me lose all my money in my “war stocks”. I’m serious! I can handle it):

October 27, 2011

Occupy Washington, 1932

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October 26, 2011

Stock Picks–Oct. 26, 2011

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I’ve got a couple of stocks I’m going with this week, both of which have been “tanking” over the last year. I’m hoping that my screen has picked them up because they’ve bottomed out. We’ll see. I like them because they both are in sectors that I’m not already invested in, thus some diversification.

First up is Cresud Inc. (CRESY), which is some kind of Brazilian agricultural conglomerate. I’ve done well in Brazil in the past, and specifically with their agricultural companies–dead cows and chickens have been good to me. Obrigado, Brazil!

And speaking of blood on my hands, my second pick is Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (KTOS), which–while presumably not as evil as Halliburton or Blackwater–still makes the lion’s share of its money off of the misfortunes of war. I certainly hope that war as an institution is dwindling…but still, I’m hedging my bets.

Now, my increasingly embarrassing update to Full Disclosure: I have been underperforming the market for 3 years now–ever since the recession started. My methodology does not do well in blah markets. If you have followed these picks and invested in them…you could have done better having your monkey throw darts at the Wall Street Journal. Sorry. I still have faith that when we get a turnaround, that I can beat the averages, as I have over the long term.

Or not.

Good luck!

October 25, 2011

Another Ridiculous Herman Cain Ad

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Hey, I kind of like the guy (not so much his politics). Is he really so clueless as to use another goofy ad like this one:

This spokesman thinks he looks “bad ass” taking a drag on that cigarette at the end? Herman!!

And do you remember this scary ad?

Herman, you are being poorly served…

I Want One!

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This is a great new “green” technology, and it looks cool because it reminds me of 2001: Space Odyssey’s HAL computer. From WIRED:

“You’re going to build a what?”

That’s what Tony Fadell’s wife, Dani, said to him in 2009 when he told her his idea for a new company. Fadell is one of the most sought-after talents in the world of gadgetry—he designed the hardware for the iPod, and headed Apple’s iPod and iPhone division before leaving his VP post to spend time with his wife and two young children, living an idyllic year in Paris.

But even before he moved back to the U.S. he was mulling over his next step. Many assumed that the 42-year old technologist would continue his brilliant career in consumer electronics. He might even become a contender to run an existing multi-billion dollar business—in electronics, in mobile, maybe even Apple.

Instead, he told Dani, he was going to build a thermostat.

A what?

Fadell explained his concept: Untold tons of carbon were being pumped into the air, with people losing billions of dollars in energy costs, all because there was no easy, automatic way to control the temperature. But what if you could apply all the skills and brilliance of Silicon Valley to produce a thermostat that was smart, thrifty and so delightful that saving energy was as much fun as shuffling an iTunes playlist?

You could revolutionize an important but neglected tech backwater—and significantly improve the environment. Within 15 minutes, Dani got it. As did the others Fadell would talk to over the next few months. These included a dream team of Silicon Valley engineers, designers, and computer scientists who became the first employees of Nest Labs, the company Fadell founded.

Investors were equally enthusiastic, and though Nest won’t disclose the size of the total stake, it is reasonable to assume that upwards of $50 million has come from a consortium that includes Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Lightspeed Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Intertrust, and Generation Investment Management (backed by Al Gore, who was enchanted with a demo that Fadell gave him at TED in 2011….[Rest of article]

October 23, 2011

The Richest Man In The World, R.I.P.

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Reporting from Washington— Moammar Kadafi secretly salted away more than $200 billion in bank accounts, real estate and corporate investments around the world before he was killed, about $30,000 for every Libyan citizen and double the amount that Western governments previously had suspected, according to senior Libyan officials.

The new estimates of the deposed dictator’s hidden cash, gold reserves and investments are “staggering,” one person who has studied detailed records of the asset search said Friday. “No one truly appreciated the scope of it.”

If the values prove accurate, Kadafi will go down in history as one of the most rapacious as well as one of the most bizarre world leaders, on a scale with the late Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire or the late Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines…[Rest of article]

October 22, 2011

What If The US Government Paid Off Its Entire Debt? The Secret Government Report.

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From NPR:

Planet Money has obtained a secret government report outlining what once looked like a potential crisis: The possibility that the U.S. government might pay off its entire debt.

It sounds ridiculous today. But not so long ago, the prospect of a debt-free U.S. was seen as a real possibility with the potential to upset the global financial system.

We recently obtained the report through a Freedom of Information Act Request. You can read the whole thing here. (It’s a PDF.)

The report is called “Life After Debt”. It was written in the year 2000, when the U.S. was running a budget surplus, taking in more than it was spending every year. Economists were projecting that the entire national debt could be paid off by 2012…[Rest of article]

October 20, 2011

Back In The USSR–Early Take

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LOVE this stuff: