March 31, 2010

My Girls

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I miss ’em:


(Actually, Lesley is still with us–but she’s been, um, “playing for the other team” since coming out in 2005…)


Political Correctness Gone Too Far

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Sumo suits, the plastic novelties that can transform a skinny sports fan into a comically unstable sphere for the delight of a stadium audience, are racist and dehumanizing instruments of oppression, according to the student government of Queen’s University.

They “appropriate an aspect of Japanese culture,” turn a racial identity into a “costume,” and “devalue an ancient and respected Japanese sport, which is rich in history and cultural tradition.” They also “fail to capture the deeply embedded histories of violent and subversive oppression that a group has faced.”

The Alma Mater Society on Monday published a two-page apology letter, and cancelled a foodbank fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday, which was to feature two sumo suits. The letter scolds the student government’s own executive for “marginalizing members of the Queen’s community” and failing to “critically consider the racist meaning behind [the fundraiser.]”

It also vows to discourage other campus groups from using the suits, owned by the school’s athletic department.

“We recognize racism as the systemic oppression, both intentional and unintentional, of individuals and groups based on racial or ethnic identities,” the letter reads.

Given the quick apology, which came in response to complaints registered on a Facebook page promoting the event, the racism of the Queen’s “SUMO Showdown” seems to have been unintentional, and not an effort to belittle Japanese people…[Rest of article]

I actually thought this might be an April Fool’s joke or something from THE UNION. I haven’t heard that any Japanese have been offended by this–and can’t imagine that they would be. This is baloney!

March 30, 2010


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I tried posting this year’s Academy-award winning short a few weeks back, but YouTube had yanked it for copyright reasons. Watch this copy while you can! [WARNING: Rough language for you home-schooling types!]

Fun With Magazines

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March 29, 2010

The Minutemen, R.I.P. (You Racist Pricks!)

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The president of The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps announced Thursday that it will disband after a five-year run. Maybe they figure that they are superfluous, now that the Teabirther Party seems to be doing so well.

Want more Minutemen and their ilk? WARNING: Naughty F-words:

I Could Watch This All Day

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And, I give it an Oscar for Sound Design…

March 28, 2010

How To Parallel Park

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Is it really that tough?

March 27, 2010

It Was On The Internet So It Must Be True!

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Are you paying attention, Glen Beck?

Rise Of The Machines

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Love this stuff:

From the same guy:

March 26, 2010

Cinema Paradiso

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I had forgotten what a terrific film this was, and want you to see it. So do so!

You will be particularly moved at its last scene wherein a bunch of censored snips of movies (the movie takes place in Oh So Very Catholic Italy) have been spliced together. The scene is up at YouTube, I note, but don’t spoil seeing the movie by seeing it early.

Anyway, I was reminded of that movie by this collection of comparable clips. Enjoy: