February 28, 2010

Join The Coffee Party!!

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Website here.

Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends…

AMERICAN IDOL 2010 (Season 9)–Current Las Vegas Odds For The Final 20

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You know what?

IDOL seems to have lost something this year.  I’m still watching it.  I zip through the commercials with my DVR.  But…I find myself also zipping through most of the performances, too.

Oh, I’ll listen to the first 20 seconds or so–but then I fast forward to the end, since it’s the critiques that are the most interesting anyway.

And much to critique this year.  I think this may be the worst bunch I’ve seen.  Sorry, nobody jumping out at me much.

Then again, maybe I’m just crabby ‘cuz we lost two of my favorite (to look at) girls this time.  Anyway, here’s the latest odds from the Bodog site:

Aaron Kelly 18/1
Alex Lambert 35/1
Andrew Garcia 9/2
Casey James 6/1
Crystal Bowersox 6/1
Didi Benami 10/1
Haeley Vaughn 50/1
Jermaine Sellers 45/1
John Park 50/1
Katelyn Epperly 20/1
Katie Stevens 5/1
Lacey Brown 30/1
Lee Dewyze 10/1
Lilly Scott 15/1
Michael Lynche 40/1
Michelle Delamor 20/1
Paige Miles 35/1
Siobhan Magnus 10/1
Tim Urban 75/1
Todrick Hall 35/1

February 27, 2010

On Playing By The Rules

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On Thursday afternoon at the SunDome in Yakima, Wash., the Mercer Island (Wash.) Northwest Yeshiva girls basketball team walked onto the court for its consolation-bracket game in the Washington state tournament.

The girls shook the hands of their St. John (Wash.) St. John-Endicott opponents.

Then, they walked off the court.

Their actions weren’t a protest or the result of any type of dispute. They were just the logical outcome of following their faith.

The game was scheduled to be played during the Jewish “Fast of Esther,” a time when those of the Jewish faith go without both food – and, more importantly, water – until sundown on Thursday.

When their request to change the game time was denied, Northwest Yeshiva, an Orthodox Jewish high school of just 95 students located just outside Seattle, decided to forfeit…[Rest of article]


I applaud the directors of the basketball tournament in not changing the rules just because this team had, um, “chosen” to follow their odd religious beliefs rather than get in shape for the state basketball tournament.  (Not allowing the girls to drink water seems a little extreme, Rabbi–although from the picture of the team at the YAHOO SPORTS site, having the girls set down their forks to “fast” from time to time strikes me as a good idea).

Not modifying the rules to require the non-Jewish girls’ teams to reschedule their own lives to suit this team strikes me as just as reasonable as not requiring all of the teams to wear burkas over their faces, so as not to arouse lustful thoughts in any Muslim man who might be in attendance.

I feel sorry for those girls who might have otherwise chosen to play if not for bizarre rules set out by their particular religion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  If we would stop indoctrinating our children with our odd beliefs until they reach adulthood–say, age 21 (as opposed to age 3 when their brains are still soft)–religion would virtually disappear within a generation…

Mr. Mike–I Miss Him

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The odd genius of Michael O’Donoghue–who used to write for and appear on the original Saturday Night Live to creep us out. I was a fan of his in the early days when he used to write for the NATIONAL LAMPOON. Here’s the weirdest thing you’ll see today:

I wonder what he’s doing now…

February 26, 2010

Bogie Booboos

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To the irritation of my kids, when I’m starting a DVD that we’re watching, I always go to the “Special Features” on the Menu page before I even start the feature–I’m looking to see if there any bloopers (aka “Gag Reel”). Love that stuff.

YouTube has a lot of compilations–the one below is for one of my favorite old actors, Humphrey Bogart. If you do a search on “Breakdowns” (what they used to call “Bloopers”) on YouTube, you’ll get a lot of them. Here’s Bogey:

February 25, 2010

No Cheating Allowed!

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Alright, who is the older, taller guy on the right? (This is from the 1970s kids’ show THE ELECTRIC COMPANY). NO CHEATING!!!!:

Awwww…Koala Bear’s Are So Cu–SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!

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Brazil’s Newest Dance Craze

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February 24, 2010


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A great Beatles song, Obama-style:

(A reminder: Despite everything you’ve feared, taxes have gone down during the Obama administration–so far).

This Is So Wrong

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I will never, never, ever buy a Citroen automobile: