January 31, 2009

Weird Music Video Of The Week

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Ah, ze French and their romantic ways. And this is what results from romance:

(This would be an effective birth control campaign…)


January 30, 2009

Nice Doggie…

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Sorry, But It Makes Me Laugh

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Please…NO ONE older than a 6th grader should watch this. Please!


January 29, 2009

Proof That America Is Going Friggin’ Nuts

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This first videoed story is what got it started:

And here we go again:

Boys and girls, this is just a Rorshach test for ears. I’m not sure what these devices are actually saying (if anything), but…people hear what they want (or don’t want) to hear. It reminds me of all the old “Paul is dead” stuff that you could supposedly hear on old Beatles albums. (For instance, “Number Nine” backwards sounding like “Turn me on, dead man”–which, by the way, it does. SO WHAT!!)

Be afraid, be very afraid of the upcoming legion of 2-year-old Jihadis being secretly indoctrinated. Get these dolls and toys off of the shelves now! (Except for the Talking Jesus that was given to me, of course).

More proof America is going nuts: http://www.sarahpac.com/

If You Like Your Documentaries Extra-Creepy

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On HBO tonight at 7 pm Central:

Embedded video from CNN Video


January 28, 2009

John Updike, R.I.P.

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Sad, sad news this…

I wrote about Updike back in June, 2006, and how important his books were to me–so I’ve reprinted that blog entry below.

I did go on to read THE TERRORIST, and thought it was okay. The “Rabbit” books are still dear to my heart, and as I mentioned below–I picked up a one-volume set of the 4 “Rabbit” novels and intend to re-read them. Perhaps Mr. Updike’s death will motivate me to get them off of the shelf now.

I just now did a web search to try and link you–legally or otherwise–to the text of one of his early short stories “Separating”, but couldn’t find it. Sorry. Available used at Amazon for about 8 bucks.

Or, better yet–it’s included in a wonderful anthology of “divorce stories” called FAULT LINES: Stories of Divorce, available for ONE PENNY, plus shipping.



terroristTERRORIST, by John Updike. Available June 6th, I’ve preordered it at Amazon.

I’ve read perhaps a half dozen novels by Updike, including the four “Rabbit” books. For some reason I read RABBIT, RUN when it first came out in the 60s–while I was still in high school. RABBIT REDUX came out in the 70s, RABBIT IS RICH in the 80s, and RABBIT AT REST in the 90s. For those of you unfamiliar with the books, they are not about fluffy rodents–they’re about a guy named Rabbit Angstrom. It’s been a while since I read them (although I just now picked up a one-volume compilation at Amazon in the middle of writing this), so I am fuzzy on plot. All I recall is constantly having to pause my reading with my jaw dropped at Updike’s use of language.

Sometimes I think the reason I didn’t become a writer is because “What’s the point? Updike…” If you haven’t read him, I think my favorite of his was RABBIT IS RICH. I don’t think you’d have a problem reading it out of sequence.

Regarding TERRORIST, I’ve heard nothing about it but the pre-release reviews are good and, of course, the subject matter intrigues me.

Read more, everybody.

New Year’s Resolution: Be A Better Neighbor

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Small Cars & Traffic Safety

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And here’s a picture of a Mini Cooper vs. Ford F150. Surprising:

January 27, 2009

BBC Assailed for Refusing to Carry Gaza Appeal

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From the NY TIMES:

LONDON — In more than 80 years as a publicly financed broadcaster with an audience of millions at home and around the world, the BBC has rarely been buffeted as severely as it has in recent days over its decision not to broadcast a television appeal by aid agencies for victims of Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza.

BBC executives made the decision late last week and defiantly reaffirmed it on Monday, citing their concern with protecting the corporation’s impartiality in the Arab-Israeli dispute.

The dispute stirs high passions here, and the BBC, like other news organizations, has struggled uneasily for years to strike a balance, even as some critics claim it has tilted heavily toward Israel and others claim it has favored the Palestinians.

The three-week Israeli campaign in Gaza that ended nine days ago had already elicited a fresh barrage of complaints about BBC bias, for and against Israel. But the decision to block the aid appeal had the effect of magnifying the protests, and their virulence.

The decision has met with angry criticism from Church of England archbishops, editorial writers and senior British government ministers, as well as sit-ins at the BBC’s London headquarters and its broadcast center in Glasgow.

News planning sessions at the BBC have featured heated exchanges among editors and reporters, and BBC officials said Monday that they had received more than 11,000 complaints in the past three days….[Rest of article]

So you’ve gotta love this crusty old guy:

Here’s the ad that has been banned:

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Weird Music Video Of The Week

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Actually, it’s a commercial–but it’s musical. And it’s weird: