December 31, 2007

South Park on Evolution vs. Creative Design

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This is old, but it’s still really funny.

[Warning: As is often the case with South Park, some of the language is a little, um, inappropriate. You have been warned]:

On a related note, here’s a Russian guy that was born with a tail. Apparently, this kind of thing does happen occasionally, although I’m not swearing that this video is the real thing. (Warning: Yech!!):

This Old House–New Orleans

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nolahouse.jpg I see that PBS is going to base their upcoming episodes of This Old House (starting January 24) in New Orleans.

They’ll be refurbishing one of the “shotgun” houses in the 9th Ward (pictured at left), and one of the more upscale homes also. (I got to party last week in one of the “Garden District” homes on St. Charles. Pretty spiffy!)

I’m not much into home renovation (or repair, for that matter–I literally have some chickenwire stapled to a big hole in my siding, until I have the siding replaced in the coming Spring. Or Fall. Or the following year…), but these shows are kind of interesting.

And, hey–it’s New Orleans! So tune in.

December 30, 2007

Fun With Reversing Time

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And here’s an encore presentation of the guy singing “Stairway to Heaven” backwards:

If the YouTube video isn’t working, for some reason, here’s another link. (Watch it quick! It doesn’t stay up on YouTube very long…)

In The House In A Heartbeat

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28weekslater.jpg I had forgotten how much I liked the “theme song” to the wonderful movie 28 WEEKS LATER–best zombie movie ever. (That’s the name of the theme song: “In The House In A Heartbeat”).

There’s a great scene at the beginning of the movie when a bunch of zombies are chasing Robert Carlyle (star of THE FULL MONTY), and this music, which slowly intensifies as they have been getting closer and closer, starts kicking in.

I found it on the Internet (posted below) and realized how similarly it starts out like the second best ever piece of scary movie music, the theme from HALLOWEEN–written, in fact, by the movie’s director John Carpenter.

In scary movies, music enhances the experience 100% if it is done right. These two songs were:


December 29, 2007

Teach Your Children To Be Evil–Chapter One

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December 28, 2007

Ref Tackles Player

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How I’m Spending My Retirement

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Someday the crown shall be mine…:

December 27, 2007

Early Election Returns From Pakistan

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Democracy lost.

Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007.






December 26, 2007

New Song Search Service

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Whew! Got back a day late from my Christmas break. Ended up driving back from New Orleans in a pickup truck, instead of flying. (Long story…)

Anyway–you will have noticed that I’ve occasionally used the wonderful Seeqpod site and their player in presenting music here.

I’ve come across a similar service that may have an even wider variety of songs.

For instance, when I wrote of Robert Goulet’s death a couple of weeks ago the one song I most wanted to put up on the blog was an all-time favorite “If Ever I Would Leave You” from Camelot. Goulet played Lancelot in the stage version and sings the definitive version of this great song. Seeqpod didn’t have it in its database. This new service, called Songza, does. I’ve experimented with their “embedding” feature, so that I could put the player right into the blog here–but, thus far, it makes things look squirrelly–so I’ll just have to post this link to the song.

December 25, 2007

12 Days of Christmas

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