November 30, 2007

OK – Here It Goes Again

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I must be the last guy in the world to have come across this video (which won a Grammy)–which has been out there for a year and a half. I’m not putting it into my recurring “Weird Video Of The Week” category, because it’s not weird: it’s wonderful!

November 29, 2007

Stock Pick–Nov. 29, 2007

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Pettit_Funds_Logo Back to the world of finance.

Subprime loans, if you are following the financial news, seem to be the reason for all that is wrong with the world. Well, according to the folks at Vineyard National Bancorp (VNBC)–today’s stock pick–they don’t have any exposure to subprimes (although they acknowledge that, according to Reuters, “…it sees a potential loss exposure of $3 million to $6 million from the softening of the residential real estate market. The provision for loan loss will be recorded in the fourth quarter, Vineyard National said in a statement.”)

Very low P/E ratio of about 5. Some analysts like ’em, some don’t. I do.

Good luck!

Just For Fun

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November 28, 2007

Brian Peete, An Inspirational Story

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Lost Ark of the Covenant Found (??!!??)

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ark.JPG   Oh, dear! 


   “They shall make an ark of acacia wood,” God commanded Moses in the Book of Exodus, after delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. And so the Israelites built an ark, or chest, gilding it inside and out. And into this chest Moses placed stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments, as given to him on Mount Sinai.

Thus Jews came to revere the ark as an earthly manifestation of God. The Old Testament describes its enormous powers—blazing with fire and light, halting rivers, blasting away armies and bringing down the fabled walls of Jericho. (Steven Spielberg’s 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark provides a special-effects approximation.) According to the First Book of Kings, King Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem to house the ark. It was venerated there during Solomon’s reign (c. 970-930 B.C.) and beyond.

Then it vanished. Much of Jewish tradition holds that it disappeared before or while the Babylonians sacked the temple in Jerusalem in 586 b.c.

But through the centuries, Ethiopian Christians have claimed that the ark rests in a chapel in the small town of Aksum, in their country’s northern highlands. It arrived nearly 3,000 years ago, they say, and has been guarded by a succession of virgin monks who, once anointed, are forbidden to set foot outside the chapel grounds until they die.

One of the first things that caught my eye in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital, was an enormous concrete pillar topped by a giant red star—the sort of monument to communism still visible in Pyongyang. The North Koreans built this one as a gift for the Derg, the Marxist regime that ruled Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991 (the country is now governed by an elected parliament and prime minister). In a campaign that Derg officials named the Red Terror, they slaughtered their political enemies—estimates range from several thousand to more than a million people. The most prominent of their victims was Emperor Haile Selassie, whose death, under circumstances that remain contested, was announced in 1975.

He was the last emperor of Ethiopia—and, he claimed, the 225th monarch, descended from Menelik, the ruler believed responsible for Ethiopia’s possession of the ark of the covenant in the tenth century b.c.

The story is told in the Kebra Negast (Glory of the Kings), Ethiopia’s chronicle of its royal line: the Queen of Sheba, one of its first rulers, traveled to Jerusalem to partake of King Solomon’s wisdom; on her way home, she bore Solomon’s son, Menelik. Later Menelik went to visit his father, and on his return journey was accompanied by the firstborn sons of some Israelite nobles—who, unbeknown to Menelik, stole the ark and carried it with them to Ethiopia. When Menelik learned of the theft, he reasoned that since the ark’s frightful powers hadn’t destroyed his retinue, it must be God’s will that it remain with him….[Rest of article]

November 27, 2007

Your Reaction? (I Smiled A Lot)

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November 26, 2007

2 Girls, 1 Cup

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2girls1cup.jpg   So, okay…

   You Internet hipsters that have loved “Tub Girl” and “Goatse” over the years?  Things just got worse.

   I’ve seen the latest viral video bearing this title.  I’m not happy about it.  Avoid it.

   But it is amusing to watch the many filmed reactions of people who are watching it for the first time over at YouTube.  There are quite a number of them.  You don’t see what’s happening on the screen, just the reactions.  Priceless.

   Then again, perhaps it’s best that you look no further.  Stop.  You’ll absolutely regret it.  Please.  DON’T.  I warned you…

(My personal favorite “reaction video”:)

U.S. Military Wasting All Its Victories On Notre Dame

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ndnavy.jpg From the always-amusing Onion:

WASHINGTON, DC—As combined American forces celebrate two consecutive football wins against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish while simultaneously marking the loss of the 3,150th soldier to hostile action in Iraq, many are left wondering if the United States military is in fact focusing its energies on the correct opponent.

“There is no doubt that Navy’s recent 46-44 defeat of a motivated, entrenched Notre Dame team after a long drawn-out battle was a masterpiece of leadership, strategy, tactics, and bravery in the finest tradition of the service,” said Grant Hughson, an editor at Jane’s Sporting News. “And the total Air Force 41-24 domination of the Irish, accomplished by bringing to bear the sort of overwhelming force against which no opponent can retaliate, was a textbook execution of the doctrines of that particular branch of the American armed forces. Meanwhile, however, they seem to be making little or no headway in Iraq.”

As the troop surge in Iraq draws to a close, sectarian and insurgent activity seems to have slowed to a near-standstill. However, with the 2007 death toll exceeding 850, more U.S. troops have been lost this year than in any other since major combat operations began, throwing the military’s first victory over Notre Dame since 1963 into stark contrast…. [Rest of article]

November 25, 2007

The Early Show vs. Dennis Kucinich

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I don’t know who this woman is from CBS’s EARLY SHOW, but I think she’s trying here to get a job with FOX…:

November 24, 2007


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Thank you, Adam, for posting the link to this video in the “Comments” section of the previous entry. Great find: